Ms. Gilmore’s Vintage Suitcase Emporium

Explore the Vintage Suitcase Emporium where jewelry, fine soaps and perfumes burst from brimming displays. A blend of vintage and modern accessories allow clients to express their individual fashion sense. Each nook and cranny offers pleasant surprises and ideal gifts to share with loved ones of all ages. Quirky art papers, fancy ribbon and well-crafted cards are available to further personalize your packages.

Visit the garden room where soothing music wafts through the air. Birds chirp. Wind chimes ring. Water trickles through an impressive indoor fountain stocked with ornamental fish. Greenery envelops fine furnishings, garden stakes, ceramic pots, tools and decorative items presented to appeal to avid gardeners. Just as flowers are picked from a flourishing garden, well-suited goods are ripe to be plucked from the shelves. Those without a green thumb can choose from an array of faux stems ready to brighten up an entryway or dining room.

Offbeat art, whimsical hanging lamps and vintage finds adorn the interior. Discover the ideal decorative accessory to personalize your home. Classic dinnerware, quilted linens, embellished tea towels and serving pieces are sure to warm up your next dining event. Complement any holiday collection with a purchase from Ms. Gilmore’s collection of fanciful seasonal decor.

Ascend the stairs to the second floor. Ms. Gilmore and her favorite companion travel the country to supply a robust collection of antiques. Peruse this menagerie of fine furnishings gathered on the open road and be transported to times past. Even better, take a piece with you and add substantial charm to your home.

Peek into a world of wonder at Ms. Gilmore’s Tearoom & Vintage Suitcase Emporium.